Hello, World!

System.out.print("Hello, World!");

If you have ever learnt programming before,you will know that this is the pretty much the first line any person understands and writes before learning the art of Programming with Java.

If you don’t know what Java is all about, you can have a look at this book – Java: The Complete Reference

When one runs his first program and sees the word Hello, World! on the terminal window, one gets immense joy and happiness! A normal person might not understand this happiness but for a new programmer to write a working line of code, this joy is immense and the happiness is infinite.

So, here I am writing my first blog post and seeing it build up step by step. I thought why not name it the same Hello, World! that has marked the beginning of several new programmers and maybe, even many revolutionist.

Now, actually, this program has another value. It tests and proves that the compiler, IDE and other development environments are working properly and can be used properly. While the fact that this piece of code dates back to the 1960’s might also surprise you.

This message is also used by hackers to celebrate their success!

Here’s to a good start to this blog!

Hello, World!

Happy coding to you!

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