Of Smokes and Earth

How many times have you walked outside your house to take a walk in the morning fresh air and got engulfed by a smoky polluted air instead?

Well, I dont know about you, but this has happened quite often with me!

I sometimes become a morning person and go on a short morning walk down the neighbourhood park. I also dream of inhaling fresh air and refreshing my body in the early hours of the day, but never did I get that experience come true for me (Except when I was in Sikkim once but that’s another story for another day)

Now, I am not talking about the humans who smoke, I don’t smoke and don’t support people who do so either but then I am not talking about it either. Rather, I am talking about the smoke we introduce in the environment voulantarily (or sometimes unvoulantarily) by burning waste openly! How prominent can they be seen if you happen to be living in a major city (or sometimes, even a minor one).

We CAN control this source of pollution, its voulantary, we can stop it! But we don’t.

National Capital Delhi’s air quality is worsening day by day. Other cities like Kolkata are also not much better. Believer it or not, a part of it is due to the open burning of garbage.

A few days back,I was returning from a nice morning jog near Victoria Memorial, Kolkata. What I saw might not surprise me anymore, the waste collectors decided to burn some of the waste they had collected openly on the road. It no longer surprises me, I have seen it happen about a dozen times now! Nothing is more disheartening than seeing man destroy his own home, and believe it or not, that’s exactly what man is doing right now!

On a lighter note, that’s what makes companies like Mi and Philips help sell their new products like air purifiers

Do buy one of those listed there if you are also facing this heavy problem of Smoke in your own home!

The image featured above was captured by me using a Lumia 640. All Copyrights reserved

via Daily Prompt: Smoke


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