Why Windows 10 is the best mobile OS

I say it loud and clear : Windows 10 is the best mobile OS in the present world.

Lets repeat it loud and clear : Windows 10 is the best mobile OS in the present world.

Well, if you thought the words in bold might need to be changed, you were not alone. But, let me analyze the reason one may say this:

  1. Market share

    Windows 10 mobile and Windows phone have a combined market share of less than 1%, which has no signs of improving in the future either. (Don’t trust me, trust The Verge). Such a low market share makes it an elite Operating system, only for the lucky few. Android is for the masses, iOS is for the Rich but Windows is only for the few. This is indirectly and directly the reason for the success of windows phone!

  2. Great App base

    Windows phone has the best app store in the history of mobile!
    No, I am not joking, it has some of the best apps like Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

    Not to mention, apps like uber (no, the new app is not coming here)

    We don’t have apps like snapchat, swiggy, pickji but who needs them anyway?

  3. Great OS support

    Well, Microsoft supports its OS so much that they will no longer come up with a new device for it.
    But who cares, there we have the OEM’s working hard to produce atleast one windows smartphone out of their dozens of android devices.
    We are sure lucky to have such a great OS support directly from world leader Microsoft.

  4. The first to get everything

    Well, we have the best OS in the market, so we are obviously the first to get everythig new, like whatsapp launched calling support for us just a few months after android.
    Its obviously so kind of them to do so. uber launched cash support only a couple months after android and iOS  and then they don’t even have uberPool for us because remember, we are the few and then they don’t plan to launch it anytime soon either. Ofcourse, Android and iOS need it, so they have it. We are the few who don’t need such services and features. We can live without them.

Okay, now on a serious note, windows 10 is a great OS if you can live without the apps. It doesn’t hang much and receives regular updates from Microsoft (In point 3, I meant new devices being supported, the software support is actually, pretty good).

Of course, if you do plan on buying a windows phone soon, visit amazon and buy it today!

via Daily Prompt: Hyperbole


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