Photography is not so easy

A local park in Kolkata.All copyrights reserved.

A photographer must relish his work, if he doesn’t, it’s of no use! But do the cities today let one do so? Let’s figure out how to beat the dust in the cities of today and again, relish your passion for photography!

I often go for a walk down the local park in my city, Kolkata. While doing so, I am also trying to enjoy the beauty of the nature and use that time to fulfil my desires for photography.

The only thing that hurts while you are gaily taking photos as you walk down the park on a cool winter morning are the people! They just don’t understand what I am doing and stare at me as if I am going to rob them of their money the next second! People, it’s not a crime to photograph the flowers and sky in a public park. No, it’s not!

Unless you are at a popular tourist place like Victoria, it feels a bit strange to just take out your mobile and go clicking at random flowers and clouds. The people just don’t want to let me do the work! While, nobody will come to you and stop you from doing so, it might seem strange clicking photos while a dozen others are staring at you.

sunset. All copyrights reserved.

NB: People photography is not met with such strange eyes, it’s just the nature that they think is not worth your time

The other things that I need to take care of, while photo walking is that I wear comfortable and quality shoes, the streets of Kolkata are not so good for walking with your crocs, a pair of Adidas or puma, while expensive, prove much better for the task!

So, good luck people, trying to take photos in major cities across the world. If you are a photographer, do let me know what difficulties do you face while navigating around your city looking for a place to click!

via Daily Prompt: Relish


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