The confession : Chapter 1

so a couple of days back, in my language test,i had to write a story beginning with “I confess that…”. Due to restriction in time and no. Of words, I couldn’t write a fully fledged story but the idea which came to my head made me think of an underlying hidden theme which we all know yet ignore. Here’s the first chapter of my new series.

all characters depicted in this story are fictional and have no relation to anyone in the real world. Any relation is co-incidental. This story represents my personal views and is not meant to cause harm , either physically or mentally to any person, animal or thing. I’m not responsible for the accuracy or correctness of the facts mentioned below. The story is merely for fictional purpose.

“I confess that I’ve killed jack!”, Mrs. Elizabeth Williamson said as she burst out crying. The video camera continued to record her as the typist was busy typing what she said.
“And why did you kill your husband, Mrs. Williamson?”, a stern voice said as he sobbed at the loss of his own colleague. The officer reiterated, this time a little louder but with dignified patience and a strange respect towards the killer of his colleague, “Why did you kill jack?”
“I… He…. He loved someone else”
The cell was quiet for a moment. A second officer broke the silence, “that’ll do it Mrs. Williamson. Why don’t you take some rest.” Both the officers left the room, the typist took the camera from the stool, printed the typed statement and asked Elizabeth to sign the document. She signed it while whispering to the typist,” You know that I’ve not done anything, don’t you?” The typist couldn’t answer that. He just went out with the camera and the statement, locking the cell door on his way. The camera had recorded everything the lady had confessed to the officers. What it failed to record was the ruler thrashings on Elizabeth’s left arm. It failed to record what had happened in the room before her confession.
Anyone who knew Jack Williamson knew how much he loved his wife Elizabeth, to think that he loved someone else. It was just unbelievable. His colleagues knew it very well. They knew that Elizabeth was incapable of killing her husband. She had never touched a gun in her life, even though her husband was a senior police officer, she always had a strange fear for guns, how could she use it against her husband? These questions remained unanswered as both the officers went to the table to sign the interrogation document. They took the document and showed it to a man standing in a dark corner in the room. He looked at the document, saw the signature and handed it back to the officers along with a black jute bag filled with money. The officers looked at each other as the man slipped out of the police station. One of the officers, James said, “Don’t worry, everything will go according to the plan. The court hears this case the first thing in the morning.” The man nodded in agreement and slipped into his car. The officers sighed as they looked at the cell where Elizabeth was locked.
Nobody knew what was to come but these two officers.

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please correct me for any grammatical mistakes in this story. I hope you like this story. The next chapter will be published as soon as I write it.


11 thoughts on “The confession : Chapter 1

    1. Haha! There’s no actual story behind this. As I was giving a test, I’d to write an essay (story) starting with “I confess that…” So this idea came into my mind. It just went on as it came to my mind. What did you expect?


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