The confession : Chapter 2

Continued after :The confession : Chapter 1

The story now stitches to the Williamson couple and highlights their mutual love and understanding. If you haven’t already, read chapter 1 first

The Williamsons

The relation between Jack and Elizabeth was rather interesting. They had been married for more than a year and were planning to have kids when Elizabeth allegedly killed Jack!
Jack was a police officer at the river side police station. Elizabeth is a media reporter, (or rather was a media reporter as she got fired after she was charged with murder).
Jack actually fell in love with Elizabeth when she was interviewing him about a particular robbery in the state. They went for coffee after the interview and married after about 6 months. Jack had always loved Elizabeth, Elizabeth loved him equally. Anyone who saw the couple together knew it instantly that the couple was made by God himself, the best part was their mutual understanding for each other.
Before Elizabeth would ask for something, Jack would’ve bought it for her. Elizabeth knew what Jack wanted better he could say it. This mutual love was indeed made by God himself! Everyone knew it instantly, the moment they saw them!
With such love and understanding, nobody could think that Jack was in love with another lady. No, no chance of that! Even if Jack had said so in front of the entire country, Elizabeth would’ve laughed at him like anything! Not possible of Jack falling in love with another lady. Nil!
Then could Elizabeth kill Jack for her own selfish motives? She couldn’t have thought of that in the wildest of her dreams! Never! Even the thought would make her shiver!
There was a strange but romantic illusion of this couple which had been shattered when Elizabeth was charged for killing Jack! Oh! How’s it possible for one person to kill a part of himself? It’s just not possible.
The couple was after all made by God himself!

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the next chapter will highlight what happened that night. It’ll be uploaded soon! Till then, as usual, do mention how you feel the story is going in the comments!


8 thoughts on “The confession : Chapter 2

  1. I’m at work and probably won’t have a chance to read/comment ahead of time, but I look forward to seeing what’s next. Smart move, interspersing backstory with the investigation. It draws it out and adds suspense.

    I notice you editorialize a lot (telling the reader what you think or how they should feel about something, like the love shared by your main characters). Again, let the characters’ actions and words speak for themselves, and trust your readers to understand – they’re smart!

    I just read this great article by an editor, highlighting some common issues and challenges faced by writers. Helped me a lot, so I’m passing it on!

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  2. I’m glad to get some context about Jack and Elizabeth’s relationship. How they met was the most interesting part of this chapter. If possible, I’d love to see you “show not tell” other pieces of it too. Example – instead of saying Jack would buy her whatever she wanted before she asked for it, maybe describe the flowers he would bring home for her after a hard day at work. That’s a very generic example but you get the idea. Details will make their relationship feel more real and valuable, and will help your readers get invested in their story 🙂

    I also wonder what was imperfect about their relationship. Obviously their love was very strong, but no person and no relationship is perfect. It makes their love even stronger if they share it in spite of each other’s flaws.

    Hope these thoughts are helpful. Keep writing!

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    1. Thanks for the comment.
      I really appreciate your views. I’ll use detail when I focus again on their love.
      Right now, chapter 3 will focus on what exactly happened that night. It’s complete and will be uploaded shortly.
      Thank you again for your valuable advice!

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    2. Hey, I have been working on this story and have updated 3 more chapters.
      As to what you suggested, I am focussing on that in chapter 6 which basically focusses on their wedding. I can send you a copy of chapter 6 before publication.
      Thanks again Amanda, your idea really helped!

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