The confession : Chapter 3 (part 1)

Okay, so finally we have the third chapter starting here. It focuses on what exactly happened that night.

featured image from Flickr by Michele Mischitelli under CC-BY-ND 2.0.

continued from The confession : Chapter 2

That night

It was a peaceful night, everything looked absolutely fine!
It was about 6PM, Jack had just returned from work and was very tired. Elizabeth was on a leave that day, down with soar throat. Jack went straight to the bedroom where Elizabeth was fast asleep. He looked at her. She looked as beautiful as an angel. He thought to himself, “God must have taken time off to create her. She looks so gorgeous.” He kissed her gently on her checks. He didn’t want to disturb her, she was having a rough week after she was appointed on an under cover mission to find out about a big gang leader who had spread his vast empire into this peaceful city of joy.
Jack had a tough day at office today. He was pursuing a serial killer who had apparent links with a big international gang. He had almost reached their secret den when he was seen by their guards and had to make way back to his safety. The gang had already committed 3 murders in a matter of 2 days in the city.
Luckily it was a Saturday. That meant, they both had a warm Sunday to look forward to. He took out the couple tickets of the latest romantic movie that Elizabeth had wanted to see. Taking them out from his coat pockets, he hid them in the drawer. He wanted to surprise her. He went for a shower, changed clothes, and then took out his favourite magazine to read.

8 PM
Jack had ordered dinner and it had just arrived. He woke up Elizabeth and took her to the dining room. “how are you, Eliz?”, asked Jack.
“It’s much better now. Why did you do all this?”, she replied as she looked at the candle light dinner Jack had arranged for her.
“It’s nothing compared to what you do for me. Now shhh.. Don’t say a word. I want to enjoy this moment.”
She giggled as she sat down on the chair. Jack sitting on the other end still looking in her eyes.
No further words were necessary. Dinner was served in a strange but fascinating silence. I sometimes wonder whether Jack knew what was to come before he prepared this arrangement for her. But I choose to believe he didn’t. At least, I wish he had not known. As if he had known what was to come, he wouldn’t have enjoyed the last few moments of his life!

Try Reading…

So the third chapter will continue. I decided to split this chapter in two parts, partly because it was pretty long and also because I needed time to complete this chapter. I’m still working on this chapter, the second part will be up soon!


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