The confession : Chapter 3 (part 2)

let’s move directly to the plot after The confession : Chapter 3 (part 1)

Featured image – Crime scene tape under creative commons license on Flickr by Brandon Anderson.

10 PM
Jack escorted Elizabeth to the bedroom after a long romantic dinner. Oh how romantic the dinner was! The exotic wine bottle that stood at the counter looked as if it won’t get to see the sight again! “Oh! How beautiful their love is!”, it would’ve said If inanimate things could speak! The feeling was unexplainable, yet so pure and fascinating that you want to experience it!
Presently, Jack and Elizabeth were seated on their bed.
Elizabeth : “Thank you Jac…”
Jack (cutting her out) : “shhh… Don’t say a word”
Elizabeth : “but…”
Jack (again cutting her in the middle) : “I told you, you don’t need to say anything. There’s a surprise for you tomorrow”
Elizabeth: “As if this wasn’t enough. Come on Jack, you’ve already done a lot for me. Take a break. Let’s sleep now. I’m very tired”
Jack:”As you say, sweetheart (kissing her). Good night”
Elizabeth:” Good night”
Jack dims the light and they both go off to sleep.

Both were very tired and needed rest. The next day being Sunday, none of them had to go to work. They could afford an easy break. Jack obviously had plans to surprise Elizabeth with her favorite movie show. They both love each other to the extreme.
Yet there was a tangy feeling in the air. As if everything was right but something was quite wrong. No, how can something be wrong. Everything seemed perfect. They both had a well deserved holiday tomorrow. Everything was as per plan!

Sunday, 02:00
Jack’s phone beeps. Elizabeth is disturbed by this sound. She sees the phone and wakes up Jack.
Jack, wakes up, positively disturbed as to who will call him at this odd hour. He sees the name on the screen. It’s from his office. The police station. “Is there any emergency?”, he wonders aloud. Picking up the phone, “hello, Jack Williamson here…… What?….. No….. No, I’m coming now.” He puts the phone down and rises up from the bed, obviously disturbed and scared.
“What happened? Why did they call?”, Elizabeth asks.
“I’ll tell you everything. Look, don’t worry. I need to go now but I’ll be back soon.”
Elizabeth stops him, “but what happened?”
ding dong
The doorbell is heard. “It must be him. I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t worry”, he rushes out of the room to open the door. Elizabeth follows him to the door but stops as Jack proceeds towards the main entrance to open the main door. A man wearing a black jacket enters the scene. Jack seems to know this man. He takes him to the drawing room and seats him. They both seem to argue over some matter. Elizabeth closes the bedroom door and returns to her bed. She lies down but can’t sleep. Positively disturbed by what’s going on. She doesn’t know the man, but then again, she didn’t see the face properly. She has a feeling, she’s seen him before but keeps it to herself.

A gunshot is heard. Elizabeth rushes out to see the man running out and Jack lies dead in the centre of the hall. She rushes and grabs Jack’s hands. She’s about to call the ambulance when the police arrive at the scene. They see Elizabeth holding Jack dead in her arms. A gun lies nearby. No one else is seen in the room. A doctor is called and he declares Jack dead!
An obvious but shocking conclusion is reached.

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