The confession : Chapter 4

Continued after The confession : Chapter 3 (part 2)

Back to the police station

Presently, the situation at the police station was pretty tense. It was already 7 PM. The cops seemed to be working over time today. The two officers were presently seated at a table.
James : “what do you think, Sam?”
Samuel : “well, we’ve to do that or it’ll be very bad for her. She’s already lost her husband, we can’t let her suffer more.”
James : “But then …”
Samuel : “we’ll present it in such a way that it’ll seem as if there wasn’t enough evidence. (speaking louder so that the constable outside could hear) Call the prosecutor in.”
Constable (from outside) : “he’ll reach here any minute. He’s on his way.”
A man in a black suit carrying a black suitcase enters the room without knocking, “Gentlemen, are you waiting for me?”
Officer James and Samuel both stand up. Officer James: ” Oh, yes. You won’t believe when we tell you this.”
The man : “You think so, I’ll bet I’ve seen more strange cases before. What is it, the wife killed her husband for money or love?”
Samuel : “There’s more to this case then meets the eye. (turning to the constable) well…”
The constable leaves at once, closing the door securely from the outside.
Meanwhile, another constable enters Elizabeth’s cell and serves dinner.
Elizabeth: “Thanks, but I don’t…”
The constable interrupts her, “please have it. You’ve not had food since officer Jack died.”
She refuses initially, showing that she doesn’t need food but later gives away when another lady constable insists.
Meanwhile, just outside the cell, the male constable tells his female counterpart, “I hope they find a way! She’s too good to be here.”

Another man enters the police station. He’s wearing a white shirt and a black jacket over it. The man looks in his 50’s
Walking up to the first empty desk, he slams his ID on the desk and says, “Elizabeth Williamson?”
The constable looks at his card, then at him and in a strange manner says, “The officers were waiting for you. You better meet them first.” He points to the door to a room on the inside which is guarded by another constable. The man takes his card and walks into the room with his briefcase

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featured image by Steve Cadman on Flickr under CC-BY-SA 2.0


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