The test

Sam : Sir…

Teacher : You see how bad you’ve scored Sam, you didn’t attempt half the paper.

Sam: But sir…

Teacher: No Sam, i had high expectations from you. Don’t give me any excuses.

Sam: Sir, I’m saying…

Teacher: I know what you’re saying. I’ve called your parents. I want you to tell them what you’ve done wrong

Sam: Sir, my paper…

Teacher : Uh… There they are. Please come in, have a seat. You see, Sam didn’t do well in this test. He didn’t even attempt half the paper. Sam, tell your parents where you went wrong.

Sam (looking in his paper) : Well, i answered the first five questions correctly. Then, i didn’t know how to do this sum, so I left a page blank and sir didn’t even check the rest of the paper.

Teacher(snatching the paper from Sam, deeply embarrassed) : What! (realizing his mistake) it must have been an oversight.

after seeing that all other answers are correct.

Teacher: Well, you see, Sam is a really intelligent student. He will do well in the future. He has a great potential and always tops in the class…

featured image – from Flickr! by Ofek Sitbon under CC-BY-NC-SA 2.0

via Daily Prompt: Oversight


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