The plan

The device was finally ready. Frost was s about to press the button. His aide had his eyes glued on the computer screen.

knock knock

Frost got up in shock. He looked at his aide who seemed as confused as him. He went to the door and peeked through the keyhole. A man was standing outside with what seemed like a pizza box. He again knocked.

“Mr. Frost, are you there?”

“yes… Yes I’m. What is it”

“your pizza is here”

“my pizza? (turning to his aide) did you? (he sees the surprised look on his face and turns back.

He opens the door. The delivery guy steps in and walks a few steps ahead in the t room.
” i didn’t order anything”

“sir, It’s a gift possibly”

“oh, thank you!”

The delivery boy presses a few buttons on his phone to complete the order.
He looks at the computer which is open to a strange command Window.

Suddenly, two men in black shirts enter the room. The pizza delivery guy, having secured enough footprints near the computer, takes out a gun and points it to Frost.
The two gentlemen take out their pistols and point them at Frost and his aide.

“Mr. Frost, you’re under arrest.”

“my plan!”

Murphy’s law again holds true. The plan is devasted to nothing as police hackers wipe the computers clean after taking all data they needed!

Meanwhile, Mr. Frost and his aide are going to have a long time behind the bars!

Featured image by fihu under CC-BY-SA 2.0
via Daily Prompt: Devastation


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