The Confession: Chapter 5

Continued from The confession : Chapter 4

The new men

The officers inside were discussing the case with a man who goes by the name Aman, lawyer Aman is the state prosecutor who has been fighting criminal cases for the city police department for more than 15 years. He’s one of the most experienced lawyers in the city and takes up only the toughest of the tough case.
This was a strange case indeed, for the police knew that the accused is innocent yet they choose to arrest her and fight against her. Never before had Aman heard of such a case. When the officers told him that Elizabeth is innocent, his first reaction was, “then why not let her go?”
Oh! What fun the lord has in punishing the innocent and letting the guilty roam free on the same streets. The city of joy? No, with such criminals out on the lose, It was only a city of death. Death all around for people choose not to believe the truth and present the fake in such a manner that it looks so genuine.

Presently, the two officers were working overtime with the prosecutor in their closed cabin. The clock ticked 10 PM. Only 12 hours were left for the first court impression of Elizabeth.

thud thud

A loud knock on the door of the room surprises Aman and officer James but has like affect on the other occupant.
Samuel calmly walks to the door and welcomes the middle aged man. The new man is the same who had visited the constable just outside the room. On seeing him, Aman jumps up with a great sigh.
“what’s wrong?”, asks James
Aman : “why are you here, Tiwari?”
“Oh you’re Mr. Raj Tiwari!”, exclaims officer James almost jumping up from his seat and offering him his hand to shake.
Raj : “Yes, pleased to meet you officer. I’m here on official work Aman.”
Samuel : “he’s the defence lawyer for Mrs. Elizabeth.”
Aman looks in shock, unable to comprehend what officer Samuels just said about his professional enemy. He sits staring while Raj takes the seat at the fourth empty chair near Aman.
Samuel presides over the gathering.
“gentlemen, let me repeat what I just told Mr. Aman. This case is not what you think it is…”

With the doors closed, people outside continue to wonder why the two officers are working over time today with the two contesting lawyers. Never before had the walls of the fifty seven year old building seen a defence lawyer smiling at the prospect of meeting his professional rival outside the courtroom!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was lost in deep thoughts back to her marriage day…

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featured image from Flickr! by Astrid Westvang under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0


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