The Confession: Chapter 6

Continued after The Confession: Chapter 5

Their Wedding

Elizabeth was dreaming about the day she married Jack!

It was the 22nd day of December in the year 2015. Just 3 days until Christmas and the famous park street was already dressed in Christmas colours and lights! Lights which people craved to see. Oh! If you’ve been to Kolkata and not seen the decoration during Christmas, you just wasted your vacation!

It was however a surprisingly deserted street that evening. Not one soul to be seen on the streets. Where were everyone? What happened to the crazy Kolkata crowd?

Just about a kilometre from the now empty street, the famous St. Thomas church had It’s gardens decorated the traditional way. Walking down queens way, it was hard for one to miss the ambient lights just outside the church. Nothing seemed amiss when seen by an outsider. The bride was dressed in pure white bridal gown. The guests seated joyously on the old church benches. The family was happy. The bride was happy. Everything seemed perfect!

But where was the groom? He was nowhere to be seen. His family stood at the church garden entrance, constantly staring at the grand old queens way. It seemed like they were waiting for someone.

“Where the heck are you?”, shouted the man who seemed to be the groom’s father over the phone.

“I’ll reach in a minute”, said the voice on the other end.

There was a sense of relief among the family. The groom reached as promised, stepping down from aa red police jeep, dressed in an undistinguishable uniform of a Kolkata police officer. He jumped off his car carrying a bag on his back.

“You didn’t even change?”, said his mother.

“one moment”, he said as he rushed to the small washroom just outside the church. The family went back inside. The groom looked at them, the father nodded.

A moment later, a young man dressed in a handsome suit entered the hall. A sense of excitement swept the room. He rushed to the stage and sat on the empty chair just beside Elizabeth.

“you know…”

“I know. I’ve bought you this beautiful pendant”.

He took out a small box from his pocket and slipped it into Elizabeth’s hand. She took out the pendant and put it on in front of the amazement of the guests seated below.

*After some time *

“The groom may now kiss the bride”

And they kissed under the ancient statue of Christ!

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Featured image by Shankar S. under CC-BY 2.0


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