The confession : Chapter 7

continued after The Confession: Chapter 6

The long night

The two officers were discussing the matter at hand with the two contesting lawyers. As the clock struck 12, one of the group received a phone call – the defence lawyer. They decided that it was already too late at night and they packed the meeting there and then.
Raj and Aman leave the police station together but don’t converse. Raj seems to have some important business over phone.
“Okay, your work will be done”, he’s heard telling the person on the other side of the call.
The two officers also pack up for the night and get back to their homes, obviously tried after a long days work.
Elizabeth meanwhile tries to sleep on the hard cot in the jail.

The next day. 01:00

The prosecution lawyer Aman Singh Chauhan was fast asleep when his phone buzzed. He wakes up , still filled with sleep and looked at the caller ID. Almost jumping up from his bed, he rushes to the balcony so as not to disturb his wife.
He talks over about 15 minutes over the phone
The only lines his wife could comprehend were –

“What the **** do you want?”
“How much?”
“But it isn’t right!”

He returns to his bedroom, only to find good wife fast awake. She asks if everything is alright to which he replies
“Don’t worry, everything is fine. Just another case.”
While going back to sleep, he whispers to himself,
“I still don’t think I should do this.”

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