The versatile blogger award!

Wow! I can’t believe this is already here! My first blogger award! I just can’t express my joy at the moment. I’ve been trying to blog for sometime now and to be honest, I know I’m not good at it but still, a blogger award for that! Wow! I’m overwhelmed with joy and emotions I can’t even write in words! It just feels like this moment didn’t even arrive! I can’t explain the feeling!

Thank you thegirlonthego008 for the nomination. I don’t even know how to thank you properly! Do check out her blog, she writes beautiful poems out there which I’m sure you all will like!

Now coming to the rules…

  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind)
  • Β Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given)
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)

7 facts about myself

  1. I’m just finishing school and hoping to get into computer science and engineering.
  2. I wanted to start a blog about technology, photography and random stuff but ended up with fiction.
  3. I just wanted to expand a story that I wrote in one of my school examinations and it ended up making me love fiction!
  4. I’m just 17!
  5. I love to play Minecraft! Who doesn’t?
  6. I’m one of the few people who still use a Windows Mobile (I am writing this from my Lumia 640)
  7. my mother tongue is Hindi!

Bonus fact: I ended up writing half this post in html!!!

my nominations

I want to nominate all of you who have helped me reach this stage! To be honest, i don’t follow many blogs here, so forgive me for not being able to nominate many of you. Here goes my list-

I’ll work to add more names here. Sorry, if I missed someone, Let me know and I’ll add it here! That means you all are nominated!!

It’s my first award here and It’s really special for me! Thanks again thegirlonthego008!!!


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