Of birds and cages…

Meet Raj, he’s a science student and studies in one of the top schools in Kolkata. He aspires to become a software engineer and change the world one day! To this extent he’s going to give entrance exams of many private and government engineering colleges this year.
The only drawback is that he does not have a space to study!
Although he lives in a so called joint family, his ‘family’ gets only a single room in a large two storeyed bungalow. The flat division is obviously unfair. His mom works hard tirelessly to feed the family and take care of Raj’s studies. His father? Well, he does nothing. He hasn’t earned a single copper in four years!
It’s not like that Raj hates his family. He loves them but sometimes gets fed up! He sometimes shouts at them in his frustration even though he’s well taken care of! The frustration? Of sharing the room with his parents and an elder sister! Just how frustrating it could get? He’s a general category student!
We can only hope Raj does well and is able to break free of his cage but he’s vowed to break all barriers and free himself. He wishes to make sure that his parents don’t need to stay in that little tiny room anymore and we know he’ll do it! He knows he’ll do it!
Let the world make as many cages as they can but none can hold Raj captive for his Self determination is the key to his success!

Featured image by
Pyrrhura_molinae_-bird_cage-6a.jpg: Rob Speed

this is purely a work of fiction. Any relation to real life is co-incidental and not intended.


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