The confession : Chapter 9

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It’s just the beginning!

As soon as the judge pronounced his decision, he walked back to the door and left into his room for a break. Aman and Raj both stood up along with all the others in the courtroom.
Elizabeth was handcuffed by a female havildar and was being escorted out of the court. As she was being led down the stairs, a group of journalists could be seen waiting right outside.
A female journalist asks Elizabeth : “Is it true that you killed your husband? Why did you do so?”
Elizabeth sobs while another male journalist repeats the question : “Everyone wants to know why you killed your own husband?”
Another journalist shouts : “We want justice!”
Elizabeth falls on her knees while still handcuffed. She looks at the group which has gathered there and says, “I’ll tell you the truth. I did not kill jack. He killed him. I want him to be punished. I won’t leave him.”
The media asks, “Who is he?”
“Who killed officer Jack?”
“Then why did you make a confession?”
It’s too late, she’s escorted out of the court premises in a police Van.
The two officers – James and Samuel return to the police station in the jeep. They urgently call for Aman.
Aman reaches the police station ten minutes later.
James, on seeing Aman : Why? Why?
*Aman remains silent*
Samuel : Can you explain why you didn’t ask for her custody. Don’t you know she’s innocent. You know how they’ll treat her there!”
Aman: What I did was right.
James : You think so. (angrily, almost shouting) you know what I think is right? I’ll ask for another prosecutor. This isn’t going this way. I’ve explained you the situation. Samuel call the court attorney department and ask for another prosecutor.
Aman falls down on his knees. He stands up again after a sob.
Aman : Ok. I took money. That’s what you wanted to know, don’t you? They offered me 10 lakhs.
Samuel : I guessed so. What do we do at the next hearing. You think the defence should work for bail?
Before Aman could answer anything, they’re interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Raj.
He steps in.
Samuel : We were just going to call you. Aman thinks…
Raj (interrupting him) : I can’t defence Mrs. Williamson anymore. Find her another lawyer. I’ve sent the formal letter to the court registrar.
Before anyone else could react, he puts some letters on the table and leaves.
Aman : I’ll call for another lawyer. Don’t worry, I’ll brief him up on the case. This time no money is going to buy anyone.
*He leaves*
As he gets into his car, his phone beeps. He looks at the number and silences the phone down in his pocket.

featured image by Steve Cadman


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