Why I code

So today’s daily prompt reminded me of this very question… Why do I code? It’s not like I am a professional right now who is forced to code day and night to complete project deadlines, I am just finishing school! So why do I code? What makes me do something which some people just hate to do? Here goes my answer!

You know, when I was introduced to proper coding, I was in class 8. I always had an edge in computer and stayed ahead of my class. I don’t know why but I just love computer and technology from my very childhood, though I was not born in a very tech-savvy family, at least not until I taught them how to use tech. But it was this strange infatuation towards new technology that was like, within me!

moving on, I met java the next year and it really excited me! To be able to make a computer do what you want is really amazing! When the first program I wrote worked and the words, “hello world” showed up on the terminal, the feeling was beyond expression! I mean it was the first program I’d written in java! (class 8 was GW BASIC) I’ve loved programming ever since then!

you know, coding gives me a great satisfaction within myself where I can express myself! I can command something and it’ll happen! The computer obeys my commands exactly as I want it to! I can ask it, say, not to display the price unless the user types his email ID and it won’t! I’m the boss here, the computer is my workplace!

now, after having 4 years of knowledge in java, i still don’t wanna stop! I can’t stop to be honest! I mean, It’s addictive. You learn to do this and you want to do it now! Tomorrow, you want to learn something new, day after something else and it goes on and on! The best part is that I can’t always be right! My program won’t work most of the time and I know it! That’s how I want it anyway! Because if it worked in the first attempt, how can I learn from my mistakes! So, if you aren’t already, go ahead and learn to code today! It can change your life. Trust me!

via Daily Prompt: Enthusiasm

Featured image – Rachel Johnson under CC-BY-SA 2.0


3 thoughts on “Why I code

  1. Great to know, you were influenced by technology at early age..😊.. I also remember the satisfaction of first C, Java program, first .Net application clearly… But my story was bit different, I was into art more during my clg days(Paintings, Animation, Digital drawing, Photography).. But somehow I got into engineering, Amd I don’t regret it.I managed to give justice to both the things.😊..All the very best, and keep doing what u like,otherwise find interest in what life gives you..😊..

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