The confession challenge!

Here’s a challenge for the more enthusiastic kind!

 This challenge refers to The confession, if you haven't already, read the latest chapter now 
 featured image - modified work of image on flickr!

The challenge

The challenge is to write an alternate chapter for any chapter of the confession!

this provides a kind of different view into the story. Make sure to link back to this post or leave a link in the comments below! Also, mention (and link) to which chapter you’re rewriting! You can re write any chapter – be it the first chapter or any other chapter already published or just publish a new chapter which follows the current list!

The winner!

the winner will be decided by YOU! Yes, you the participants! So, go ahead and read some other posts already published! Like the comment or the track back to cast a vote for that post! The one with the most votes wins!!

so let’s get started!

if you haven’t already, publish a post now and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!


What do you think?

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