Coding for the weak

Okay, so a lot of non coders imagine coding as a sort of divine greek language that is beyond their understanding. Let me break some common myths below:

Coding is some different language

Yes, technically speaking, it is a kind of different language in here. But there are just about hundreds (if not thousands) of different languages we are talking about. When I am coding, I am just using one specific language.

It’s all greek to me

So what is English to the Greek?

If you look carefully, you will realize that most of a code is just well formatted english. Its just english that a computer will understand.

For example,

System.out.print("Hello, World!");

What do you think this is? It just tells the computer to print something. To be exact, it tells the compiler to print the String “Hello, World!” on your screen. How Greek is that?

Coding = Hacking

No! For god’s sake, every coder is not a hacker (vice versa may not be true).

Coding can be used as a tool for hacking but coding is just not that. Your Google Chrome browser is an example of a well coded software but its not hacking anything there, is it? This brings me to:

You can hack? Can you help me hack into my boyfriend’s facebook account?

I am not a hacker, but I can assure you its really really hard to do so! And if someone can, he is probably already working for facebook or making the news! You see, facebook (or Google, Whatsapp, Messanger, snapchat and just about any major social platform) is a well coded and very very secure platform. Every street hacker just can’t hack into their servers. Even if they do succeed without getting caught (With a chance of less than 0.001%), they will have a hard time figuring your boyfriend’s password. Moreover, they can just strike a deal with facebook and they will be willing to pay thousands of dollars to get this hack stopped.

Coder = Geek

NO! Just no! We have a life too.

Engineer = Coder

(Especially in India)

No! Every engineer is not a coder and every coder is not an engineer. Come on, we have civil, mechanical, chemical and sooo many different branches of engineering.

Also, coding is self taught. One need not have a degree to prove he can code.

So guys, this was the top 6 myths common non-coders have about coders. If you are a coder, please suggest new things to add here in the comments section below!

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Featured image – Rachel Johnson under CC-BY-SA 2.0


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