The magic of Uniform

Have you ever wondered why schools have uniform? Just to harass the students into wearing uncomfortable ordinary clothes daily?

Think again! Schools have uniform for exactly what this word means –

remaining the same in all cases and at all times; unchanging in form or character.

Uniforms actually are intended to promote equality among all students. Think of a typical school – hundreds of students – some poor – some rich – some very rich! Now remove uniforms from all this – what are we left with?

A chaos of modern branded clothes on one side and old rugged wears on the other.. Think of what impact this can have on the minds of little kids who don’t even know what the sum of two numbers are! Pretty rough, right?

It is not the same reason why the armed forces, the police officer next door, the firefighter running down the pole also wear uniforms though. They simply wear it to make identification easy!

Huh, how simple was that!

via Daily Prompt: Uniform


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