The door

This was lying in my draft for too long now. I am publishing it unedited:

On a fine winter morning, at The office of the Indian science organisation in Shimla, stood two men dressed formally in navy suit, black pants and shoes.

They two seemed very excited about something and didn’t mind waiting in the deserted waiting room.

“Sir is busy. He’ll meet you in 30 minutes.”, said the peon rather rudely to the men. The two men seemed to not mind the rudeness or the waiting period. Their excitement overruled everything else. They seemed to be accustomed to this place as they knew very well where the waiting lounge was, where the pantry sat and where the senior researches met people with great ideas.

The peon whispered to his colleague, “They’re again here. I tell you, just last month they were rejected.”

“why? What do they even make?”

“Some sort of door or something. They are better suited as carpenters.”

both the peons giggled between themselves as they left the room.

“What do you think, Rohan?”

“I’m sure.”

About an hour later, a peon came inside and told them that they were called.

They took their laptops and ran up the old wooden stairs. Room no. 102. They stopped right there. Rohan knocked.

“Come IN!”

They went in

“Why are you here again, Shivam? And Rohan, I thought you abandoned the project?”

Rohan : “Sir, give me one more chance. I assure you.”

“Okay! Where do we have to go now?”

Shivam: “Just 500 metres from here. You can set it up right here. Just scan your iris here.”

“How many times did I scan it, I’ve lost count. If this doesn’t work this time, I’ll cancel the funding. The Swiss have similar technology already, and It’s 2024. They have it since like 2020”

Shivam : “This is different, they need you to carry a device in your pocket. If you lose it or if it’s stolen, you know what can happen”

“Yeah right! Let’s go now”

They reach a rather old building, they climb up to the first floor.

Shivam : “Try it”

The researcher goes close to the door and looks into the camera like device attached.

“Welcome Mr. Rohtag, Rohan and Shivam are not at home but have left you access to the living room”, a voice came from a speaker.

the door opens up. Mr. Rohtag steps in. He goes to reach the kitchen and again looks into the camera, “Sorry Mr. Rohtag, you don’t have access to the kitchen. Would you like to request permission”

“yes, I’m hungry”

“A request has been sent.”

Rohan and Shivam follow inside after Rohan scanned his iris. “Welcome, Rohan. Mr. Rohtag is waiting near the kitchen”

Rohan presses a button on his phone to a prompt he received

“Mr. Rohtag, you now have access to the kitchen”

the closed kitchen door now opens as Shvam and Rohan meet Rohtag.

Rohtag : “Well, what can I say now? I’ll call in a media conference now”

via Daily Prompt: Automatic


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