Up close

In normal course of landscape and portrait photography, focus doesn’t make a big difference but when we come up close to the target, then we are talking something. Almost all modern cameras (smartphones and DSLRs) have auto focus in them but do they get it right everytime? No.

The thing about close ups is that you only want to highlight the subject. You removed every other junk that is around and are focusing only on the subject, so why do you need to still manually ensure that the focus is right? Your subject is not always square!

Take for example the image below

A flower with the background blurred
A flower tries to grow up

This photo was taken in pro mode using the OnePlus 5, now think for a moment if the background wasn’t blurred and the flower was instead. A disaster indeed. It is in moments like these that manual focus is the need of the eye. The background gives a splendid example of Bokeh effect here. It is blurred yet adds to the image in a pleasing way.

So how to get started? I always believe trial and error to be the greatest method of learning. Get outside and try clicking the same subject with different settings. You’ll be surprised with what comes up! Do share your creations below!


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