Idea: a new photo blog for storytellers

Ok, so I’ve come up with this idea of starting a blog where photographers can share their stories as well!

If you’re reading this, please please leave a comment below telling me how the idea sounds.

Ok, so the idea is that every photo has a story behind it. In the present scenario, most photographers don’t care to share the story. The best platform for photographers – Instagram – is not used to share stories but to share the best creations. What I’m thinking is to start a blog where photographers can share the stories first rather than stressing on editing the photo. My idea is that photos shouldn’t be edited. They should be shared as clicked! (I.e only the editing done by the camera, not the DNGs please)

Now to get started, I need a team of the following –

  • Designer – to design the blog
  • Photographers – a lot of them of course
  • Proofreader – to proofread the story
  • Photo editor – to handle raw photos
  • Social buff – to promote the website and the photos.
  • Donators – to fund the site and allow us to buy a domain name.

Ok, even if we don’t get all the support we need, we can start a free website. If you can fill in any role, be sure to leave a comment below. Even if you can’t help in anyway, be sure to leave your words of appreciation and share this post so that people who can help are reached.

I’m not very sure about the plans now and need your help to get started. If this idea kicks up, I’ll be holding a series of polls and surveys to find out what you all want

Let us get started with this idea. Leave your comments below!!


What do you think?

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