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The door - The latest invention from the closed doors.
The confession : Chapter 9 - Twists and turns after Elizabeth is sent to judicial custody!
Of birds and cages… - The title says it all
The confession : Chapter 8 - Chapter 8 packs a huge surprise. We move on directly to the first court hearing in the story!
The confession : Chapter 7 - Something strange happens that night. Something which can change the course of justice!
The Confession: Chapter 6 - Flashback to the wedding of the Williamson couple!
The Confession: Chapter 5 - We come to know more about the two men who have made a sudden appearance in the scene.
The plan - Just as he was about to press the button, someone knocks on his door. You don't find people normally knocking on such doors. The rest, as they say, is history.
The test - An oversight can cost you a lot... Well, only if you listen to your students
The confession : Chapter 4 - We return back to the police station to meet two new men who will play a vital role in the story