Guest authors

hi there,

so would you like to contribute to my blog as a guest author? Head on! Just fill this form and I’ll invite you to write for my blog!

Please read these terms before signing up –

  • Please read these guidelines.
  • Your blog must be atleast a month old. Newbies may apply but you’ll need to come up with something really spectacular to get your post in.
  • After drafting a post, please get in touch with me (via the contact form or email) to know how and when it can be posted. Some long time bloggers may not need to even inform me before posting. They’ll be given the rights to post themselves anytime.
  • You must include a featured image with every post. You can either use your own image or any creative commons/public domain image after giving due credit to the author.
  • Your post should ideally be completed on this blog itself. Making posts that end in “to continue reading, head over to my blog” will not be permitted. You can advertise your blog with one link/image at the end of your post though.
  • You are allowed to use upto 3 of your own affiliate links. Not more please.
  • Copyright violations will be strictly not tolerated and any DMCA takedown notice will be immediately complied with (after due check). If your work is found to be a copyright infringement, you’ll immediately be debarred from being a guest author.
  • You still own the copyright of your own work but by submitting a post here, you’re allowing me to use that post and any associated contentcommercially (such as affiliate links).

Please fill this form to get started!


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